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Good day, you are welcome to Simple Circuits And Project.com (SCAP). On this site, you will find electronic schematics explained in a simple way to be understood by any beginner. Feel free as an electronics hobbyist, technician or engineer to browse and explore the site.



Power Inverter: Power in the topic of this article is used to qualify the inverter so as to differentiate it from a logic inverter. If not otherwise stated, anywhere I write 'inverter' in this article, I mean 'power inverter'. An inverter is a basic component of any independent power system that produces AC power from DC. Inverters convert DC power stored in batteries or from PV module into AC power to run conventional appliances...more


Battery Load Priority Selector Circuit: The name 'Battery Load Priority Selector Circuit' simply describes what the circuit does. In any electrical system where battery is being used as back-up power in the event of primary power source failure or outage, there is always a need to select priority for our loads as some loads are more important than others...more


DC Motor Reverse Controller Circuit: In this circuit, an alternate on/off circuit is used to control switching of the bridge network of transistors(T3 - T6). DC motor in this circuit changes its direction of rotation each time the momentary switch SW is pressed...more


0-35V Variable DC Power Supply: In this circuit, I used LM317 (an adjustable voltage regulator IC). The input voltage to the IC is approximately 41V. You can check my 12V regulated DC power supply and Dua DC power supply where I explained in a simple way voltage entering voltage regulator IC with Vrms-Vpeak relationship and diode p-n junction voltage drop...more


12V Regulated DC Power Supply: In this circuit, transformer of 12V secondary voltage is used. With the filter capacitor of 2200µF, the voltage entering the voltage regulator IC is approximately equals to peak voltage of the wave form minus 1.4...more


Dual DC Power Supply: In this circuit, a center tapped transformer of 6V-0-6V is used. With the filter capacitor of 2200µF, the voltage entering the voltage regulator IC is approximately equals to peak voltage of the wave form minus 0.7 which is 7.8V; where 0.7 is the p-n junction voltage drop across the diode...more


12V Battery Level Monitor: Monitoring of your expensive battery level or voltage is important to extend its life span, this simple circuit will help you do that. The major component of the circuit is LM3914 (dot/bar display driver)...l more


Over-Under Voltage Block Circuit: The name I gave this circuit was simply base on what it does. Of course, you can call it High-Low Voltage Cut Out or Electronic Fuse (may not too correct to describe it as the circuit does not blow up) as it protects your expensive electrical appliance or electronics from abnormal(over or under) voltage...more

The contents of this site are base on wide consultations, practical background and experience. 100% accuracy of the contents is not promised, so your contributions and suggestions are highly welcome by the author. This site will be updated from time to time, so remember to check back occasionally for updates. Send your contribution here.

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